Advisory Board

The strategic direction for achieving our mission is provided by the Women’s Fund Advisory Board. The central work of the Women’s Fund — fund development, events that inform and raise grant awareness, and stewardship — all take place with the collaborative support of committees and volunteers.

2023 Women's Fund Advisory Board Photo

2023-2024 Executive Team

Women’s Fund President – Lori Harris
Vice President – Stephanie Schultz
Finance Chair – Sara Funk
Secretary – Jessica Diederich
Events – Kimberly Sawyer
Grants – Ann Weiss
Nominations and Community Engagement – Lindsey Petasek
Stewardship and Fund Development – Morgan Fuller
Strategic Communications and Marketing – Joanna Schreurs
Greater Green Bay Community Foundation Liaison – Amanda Gay

2022-2023 Advisory Board

Jennifer Bauer
Morgan Fuller
Linda Hansen
Anna Hoefner
Micki Koehler
Indhira LaPuma
Kim Linehan
Keely Marlowe
Brittni Moran
Melinda Morella-Olson
Erica Murphy DeQuaine
Jessie Pondell
Angela Schuchart
Molly Vandervest
Tara Yang

Emeritus Advisory Board Members

Tracy Alpert

Nancy Armbrust

Aymee Balison

Susan Baranczyk

Lorrie Blaylock

Julie Blank

Kate Burgess

Nicole Campbell

Beverly Carmichael

Diane Conway

Apache Danforth

Diane Ford

Lise Gammeltoft

Dee Geurts-Bengtson

LoisGrace Golde

DeDe Heid

Patty Hoeft

Irene Hogan

Kate Hogan

Judith Johnson

Gail King

Barbara Koldos

Lindi Kuritz

Cynthia Lasecki

Laura Lear

Karmen Lemke

Toni Loch

Therese Matousek

Gail McNutt

Betsy Mitchell

Karen Monfre

Judy Nagel

Bridget O’Connor

Pat O’Keefe*

Jonie Paye*

Suzette Pfeifer

Susan Porath

Rebecca Pruess

Colleen Remley

Sharon Resch

Diane Roundy

Kim Schanock

Sue Schinkten

Sabina Singh

Jeanne Stangel

Donsia Strong Hill

Kristin Suchalla

Nancy Thompson

Cynthia Treleven

Julie Van Straten

Maryanne Weyenberg

Susan White*

Sue Weyers

Jeanne Wolf


Diverse group of men and women taking a selfie at the Backstage with the Women's Fund event

Thank you to all who contribute

Thank you to the countless individuals, families, businesses, and organizations who have made a contribution to the Women’s Fund. The Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay has grown to an endowment of over $3 million because of generous donors. We can’t begin to express our appreciation! Any size contribution is welcome. Every dollar helps support our mission, and makes a direct impact on our community.

Legacy Named Funds of the Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay

Associated Bank Women of Legacy Fund
Balison Family Fund for Women & Girls
Lauren L. Conway & Kelsey J. Conway Fund for Women & Girls
Marlene Dockry & Margaret Ford Fund for Women & Girls
Emeritus Legacy Fund for Women & Girls
Melissa & Christy Ford Fund for Women & Girls
Green Bay Packers Give Back Fund for Women & Girls
Arlene Heim Memorial Fund for Basic Needs
Julie Kasper Fund for Women & Girls
Children & Grandchildren of Julie-Anne Kress Fund for Women & Girls
Patricia McCollow Kress Fund for Education & Achievement
Pat Larsen Fund for Women & Girls in honor of Jack and Alice Naylor
Karmen Lemke Family Fund for Women & Girls in honor of Lauren, Lyndsay and Leah Lemke
Betty Lou Lewis Fund for Women & Girls
Julianne M. Long Fund for Women & Girls
Bill & Julia Malooly Fund for Women & Girls
Theresa McClarrinon Fund for Women & Girls in memory of Christine Gaedtke
Therese Pandl / Preava Fund for Women and Girls
Organizational Leadership & Development Fund to Benefit Women & Girls
Susan & Mark Porath Family Fund for Women & Girls
Sharon J. Resch Fund for Education & Achievement
Diane & Megan Roundy Fund for Women & Girls
Marie Ruys & Maryanne Weyenberg Fund for Women & Girls
Mary Ritter Schanock Fund for Education & Achievement
Donna Schanock Stout Fund for Education & Achievement in memory of Diane M. Pavlik
Mitchell Smith Family Fund for Women & Girls
ST Paper Fund for Women & Girls
Van Straten Family Fund for Women & Girls
Larry L. & Lois C. Weyers Fund for Women & Girls

Be a part of our mission, make a donation today.